Family Package

Fishing on the "Khor" river

 urban-type village “Khor”,
 23rd Jul
2,000 / Person


A great number of tributaries enter the Amur and the Ussuri rivers. The Khor river is one of the tributaries of the Ussuri. Its length is over 45 km. The river originates in the mountains and then enters the Ussuri – the longest tributary of the Amur river. The Khor river runs very close to Khabarovsk, (2 hours ride), that is why fishing on it is very popular among the city residents. The Khor river is thick with red fish (lenok), grayling and taimen (salmon family). The best fishing season is the end of May through the mid of October.


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Tour Overview


Day 1
  • The tour includes transportation, fishing (fishing facilities are available).