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Nature reserve "Khekhtsir"

 Nature reserve "Khekhtsir",
 23rd Jul
2,500 / Person


30 km to the South of Khabarovsk there is a Nature reserve "Khekhtsir". The unique place is fully protected by the State. More than 150 species of trees, shrubs and over 500 species of herbs grow there. In the reserve which is often called "the Northen jungle", the North and the South coexist. Various lianas, Manchurian walnuts, wild grape and Manchurian cork-tree grow side by side with evergreen conifers. Among the medicinal herbs ginseng, aralia, Magnolia vine and eleutherococcus take the first place. "Khekhtsir" is also known for it's fauna. Brown bears, foxes, wolves, sables, hares as well as such unique wild animals as: Amur tiger, Far Eastern lynx, Manchurian deer, musk-deer and Himalayan bears are seen occasionally there. Nature reserve "Khekhtsir" is an attraction for nature lovers.


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Tour Overview


Day 1
  • The tour includes a visit to a local museum within the Nature reserve where one can get acquaintance with the Far Eastern flora and fauna, a short walk in the forest, a visit to viewing point, where one can see the frontier outpost with China, lunch (by appointment).