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Local lore museum

 01st Sep


Duration: 1.5 h

Place: The Local Lore Museum.

Description: Museum collections of the Local Lore Museum are unique; they number more than 144 thousand exhibits. Among them are: mammoth tusks; one of the seven, existing in the world skeletons of Steller’s cow (extinct sea cow); kaluga - the biggest freshwater fish existing in the world (up to 10 m. long and 1 t. of weight), living in the Amur river only, this fish belongs to the sturgeon family; animals, living in the Far Eastern taiga: tiger, bear, wolf, leopard. In ethnographic department one can get acquainted with the lifestyle and history of the aboriginal people of the Far East. The visitors can learn about the development of the Far Eastern areas by the Russians in the Slavic department. The decisive battle of the civil war is shown in the panorama „The Volochaevskaya battle”, a huge painting (size 43 x 6 m), there are only three of them in Russia. This battle took place in February, 1922, in the Far East of Russia.


1. The department of the Far Eastern flora and fauna.

2. Ethnographic department (department dedicated to the culture and the way of life of eastern ancient people of the Russian Far East). 

3. The Slavic department (dedicated to the exploration of the eastern shores of Russia by the Slaves.

4. The panorama „The Volochaevskaya battle”.


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