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Italian circus in Khabarovsk

Italian circus in Khabarovsk

The world-famous Italian circus  premieres its program "Elephants and Tigers" at the Khabarovsk circus from June 8 to July 7.

The audience will enjoy an amazing performance. Giant Imperial elephants and majestic tigers. Exotic show with alligators, Boas, anacondas and pythons. A real Safari show: bison, Zebra, kangaroo and, of course, ostriches and  public favorites: horses and camels. For the first time in the arena of Khabarovsk circus the audience will see the legendary Italian clown Corrado Togni. One of the most famous illusionary attractions under the guidance of Maria Koh-Kukes will present the public unforgettable impressions.



“The Amur Waves” Festival in Khabarovsk

“The Amur Waves” Festival in Khabarovsk

24.05.19 “The Amur Waves" International Military Music  Festival

VIII International Military Music Festival  “ The Amur Waves” will take place in Khabarovsk  May 27-Jun 02.On May 27, a large brass festival will start in Khabarovsk. Unique musical performances of military bands will be a gift for all residents of the regional capital in honor of the 161st anniversary of the city of Khabarovsk. For the first time the festival "Amur waves" will be attended by the brass ensemble "Dolnemchanka" (Czech Republic) and the military orchestra of the headquarters of the Ural district of the national guard of the Russian Federation (Yekaterinburg). The ensemble of the Moscow military music school named after Lieutenant General V. M. Khalilov (Moscow) will  conquer the audience with the new program. The festival program includes a large number of solo concerts. 

 On May 29 and May 30 from 8 pm to 10 pm there will brass bands  performances in Glory square with fireworks at the end. ( admission by tickets+ free access). On Jun 01 the military bands will participate in the theatrical procession devoted to the 161st  anniversary of Khabarovsk.( admission by tickets)

On June 02 at 3 pm the festival “Amur Waves” will end  with a march-parade on the central street of the city and with a many-hour concert on Komsomolskaya Square. On this day, Khabarovsk citizens will be able to listen to military orchestras  free of charge.



Amur river ice drifting

Amur river ice drifting

April 16,  ice drifting on the Amur river stated near Khabarovsk.  Due to a warm winter  the ice on the river broke up   4-5 days earlier than usual.

New Circus program in Khabarovsk

New Circus program in Khabarovsk

March  16 r- April 14, the Khabarovsk Circus Arena hosts  the Moscow Nikulin Circus  and its star cast -the world-famous tiger tamers  Artur  and  Karina Bagdasarov  ,

with the new program “Planet -13”. The program includes: trapeze artists, acrobats, illusionists, rope-walkers , clowns  and the  extreme number with tigers


The performance schedule:

16/03  (Saturday) at 4pm

17/03 (Sunday) at 2pm

23/03 (Saturday) at noon and 4pm

30/03 (Saturday) at noon and 4pm

31/03 (Sunday)  at noon and 4pm

06/04 (Saturday) at noon and 4pm

07/04  (Sunday) at noon  and 2 pm

13/04 (Saturday)  at 4pm

14/04  (Sunday) at 4 pm



Resident of Khabarovsk won "bronze" of the Universiade-2019

Resident of Khabarovsk won "bronze" of the Universiade-2019

A graduate of Pacific State University, Sergei Gorlanov won the bronze medal of the Winter Universiade 2019 in ski orienteering. He showed time 15:57. In 2019, Krasnoyarsk became the capital of the winter Universiade from 2 to 12 March.


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